DNS Bypass

Okay, so it is not perfect. Many websites do not show up when you type in the IP address in your browser’s location window.

Often, this is because multiple websites use the same IP address, and the server’s own nameserver, based on the domain name mentioned in the request, figures out which website to send you to, but in the case of no domain name included, it cannot do so. For example, my website, flvoters.com is on this same IP address, at so the IP address is not enough. This website only works when an IP address is sufficient. Also, some servers are configured to reject any access that doesn’t have a domain name.

Therefore, a lot of the websites that will be listed here won’t actually come up. There isn’t time to test each one.

But what if something happens to DNS and makes domain names not work anymore?

Many domains are ready. You can download the data. Many of the IP addresses don’t work as website addresses.

If a domain name expired, it may be possible to find the website without the domain name.
At the command prompt, do ping or nslookup on your website domain.
Type in: ping example.com
and this should reveal the IP address of the website. If you use a private server or VPS, you will likely find a place-holder message which you can modify with a directory of websites at that IP address, much like the table below. Then you can submit your websites to this list.

My websites will still come up at: